Workplace Mental Health

Rethinkinking workplace mental health

Our mission is to lead innovative and sustainable change to enhance the mental health of all people.

Decades of experience in organisational wellness

We are active in all sectors, including healthcare systems, public and private organisations, large and small.

In today’s modern and fast-paced workplace, mental health problems have become the leading cause of disability.

The impact of mental illness on workplaces and organizations has naturally become a prime concern for many leaders looking to foster a healthier work environment and prosper over the coming years.

Mental health remains a widely misunderstood area of well being, often perceived as a purely clinical matter. Though widespread stigma continues to exacerbate this issue, strong leadership and corporate management can easily address it, given they are provided with the right tools and adequate guidance.

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Strategic Consulting

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Assess current organisational policies and procedures to determine opportunities for enhancement or new initiatives. Learn how Corporate Culture Alignment can support your change initiatives and lead performance


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Whether you are an executive, a manager or an employee, we offer a variety of participative mental eHealth training programmes that can be tailored to your team to address real concerns and drive real change.

Peer Support

Formalising genuine human connection to provide safe and effective support is a game changer. Our clients have reported increased access to care, improved organisational culture, and increased engagement.


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