Social Research & Analysis

Research & evaluation services

We have in-house expertise in a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, supported by a highly skilled team of researchers, evaluators, statisticians, programmers and technical specialists

Data Analysis
Cognitive Interviewing
Data Visualisation & Reporting

Questionnaire design & testing

Survey Research

Data Management

Qualitative Research

Research themes

We have extensive experience in undertaking social research and evaluation for government to inform policy, strategy and practice. 

Our input into policy development covers a diverse range of themes.


Our research explores and measure community knowledge, attitudes and behaviours across a wide range of topic including violence against women, post-traumatic stress disorder, health and wellbeing, socio-economic influences, race-based discrimination, social cohesion, immigration, art and culture participation, pro-social bystander behaviour, parenting and families to name a few.

Education and training

Research across the complete continuum of the education system from early childhood education to secondary schooling and tertiary/vocational education.

Health and wellbeing

Encompassing areas such as population health surveillance, health outcomes following injury and illness, child health and wellbeing, mental health, the social determinants of health, community knowledge of and attitudes towards cancer, vaccination attitudes and behaviours, tobacco control, alcohol use, drug use, diet and nutrition, and obesity.

Employment transitions and the labour market

We are able to conduct studies exploring people’s transitions in and out of the labour market, including parents returning to the labour market, early school leavers preparing for employment, older workers, people with health problems and graduates entering work. Our research also covers the effectiveness of labour market activation programmes and the role and delivery of welfare and employment services.

Business and employers

We conduct research and evaluation involving business, workplace and employer populations. Key themes have included skill shortages, knowledge gaps, leadership capability, employee/employer satisfaction, and awareness and access to government programmes.

Marginalised and vulnerable communities

We have expertise in engaging with individuals and groups in a range of complex, difficult and challenging circumstances including people from marginalised communities or disadvantaged groups and other ‘hard-to-reach’ or ‘hard-to-engage’ respondents by virtue of personal characteristics or attributes, geography or beliefs.

Service experience and outcomes

We have measured service delivery, social, health and vocational outcomes for clients in the third party insurance and compensable injuries sectors and other service providers.