Private Personalized Online Tutoring

Nordic Trailblazers offers the highest quality private tutoring in Icelandic. Our agency is big enough to provide private tutors in most subjects and small enough to provide a bespoke service. We know our clients and our tutors personally and therefore we are able to create perfect matches between your child and the kind of tutor they need to reach their academic goals.

Once we have found the perfect tutor, we then organise a trial lesson. There is no further obligation on your part: after the trial session, you decide if you want to continue with further lessons. It’s important to us that you and your child feel comfortable with the tutor, and that the student feels they can learn from the tutor.

For our online sessions, we use the GDPR compliant Kara Connect. This allows for a fully interactive learning space, where tutors and students build up a rapport similar to an in-person tuition session. The student and tutor can work on documents simultaneously, save documents and access them at any time for revision.


High Quality Tutors

The most important thing for us is finding the right tutor for your child. All of our tutors are highly qualified, vetted and referenced by us. We will select the right tutor for your child to ensure that a rapport develops where your child can progress.

Regular Feedback

You will receive feedback on your child’s progress after every few months. We also ask you for your feedback on the performance of your tutor.

Tailor made Learning

We believe that all students learn in differing ways and that the assistance they need is individual to them. We provide a structured programme to assist your child to reach their potential.

Let’s build something together.

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