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Helping children develop the organizational skills needed to get the most from their day

Successful organisation is achieved when a child can simultaneously arrange their body and their environment, for example by sitting correctly on a chair and arranging their books and pens on a table in front of them. Tasks like this require advanced motor planning and sequencing skills to work together, and are common areas of difficulty for children.

A child struggling with organisation may often lose things and appear generally disorganised, which can set back their confidence as well as inhibit their engagement with everyday tasks. We are experts in assisting children who are struggling to improve their ability to plan and execute their daily activities.

How OT’s help

Whether your child’s school has identified problems with their organisation skills, or you have noticed such difficulties yourself, we can help.

Childhood development is complex and not all children will move at the same pace, but some of the most common reasons that a parent will contact us with concerns about their child’s organisation skills include:

  • Slowness at getting ready, for example before P.E. lessons
  • Need for repeated instructions or reminders in order to complete simple tasks
  • Frequently losing personal items
  • Difficulties in concentrating and avoiding distraction

Our assessment process allows a specialist occupational therapist to identify the nature of your child’s difficulties with organisation, and the reasons for them. Once identified, we can work with you and your child to put in place a plan to address them.

Does Online OT Practice work?

We recognise the importance of knowing that you and your child are in safe hands. That is why, when you first make contact with us, you will straight away be able to explain your concerns to a member of our client management team who will be able to provide relevant information about our services, answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on next steps.

We work with a dedicated team of Occupational Therapists who will give you the tips and tricks to assist your child organisational skills.

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