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Life Coaching

Sigga Ósk Fanndal –

Life and Behavioural Coach

  • Location: Denmark
  • Session Types: online sessions
  • Licensed In: Europe


Sigga has extensive coaching experience and has coached employees, individuals and elite athletes. She has a B.Sc in Psychology and an MPM in Project Management. She is a Yoga warrior who holds international teaching rights and is currently working towards a degree in Sports Massage to add on to her B.Sc degree in Sports Science and physical education.

Sigga is also a trained teacher who holds a B.Sc in Icelandic grammar and literature, B.Sc in Icelandic sign language and is also an Icelandic sign language interpreter.


What is coaching?
Coaching is a method used to help people of all ages achieve more success in their own lives. It can be personal growth, increased quality of life or better performance and performance in one’s own life. The success is what you decide it will be.

Sigga works with clients under 5 core pillars of Coaching:

  • Clarity
  • Freedom
  • Routines
  • Aligned Action


ACSTH certified coaching training from Evolvia (is working to get her ACC international certification from ICF in coaching)

BSc degree in sports science, physical education and teaching

BSc degree in Psychology

MPM degree in project management


  • Icelandic
  • English
  • Danish


  • DKK 576 for each session
  • Whilst individual sessions are very effective, the optimal recommendation for deep work and long term results would be to book 5 – 10 sessions (x 1 hour) with Sigga.

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