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Icelandic language courses for your family while living abroad. We offer a wide range of services designed for Icelandic children, teens, and adults living outside Iceland.

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Do you or your child want to learn Icelandic?

Individual Sessions for children 6-18 Years old

Our Icelandic sessions take place online via the Icelandic platform Kara Connect and the education platform LearnCove, where all the pertinent subject material is included in the lessons. The Kara platform has the highest security standards and meets and exceeds all the GDPR requirements. No additional hardware or software is required, only a browser and a headset with a speaker. Our sessions are tailored specifically to each student, and all of our native-speaking Icelandic teachers are well educated and highly experienced as teachers with specialization in teaching Icelandic as a second language. Additionally, our staff has been through extensive background checks and reviews, as well as having been vetted for a clean criminal record.

This year, many of our students are siblings, and we strive to teach them together and offer a 40% discount for the second and third sibling joining our program. For our US students, due to the time differences, we have classes during weekends and in the afternoons.

We are a team of talented and dedicated educators, and we would be delighted to hear from you!

Individual Sessions for Adults

We offer individual sessions for adults. Many of our students are either a family member to a native Icelander, have Icelandic roots or are doing business with Iceland.

We offer 11 weeks semester or the opportunity to buy 5 individual sessions.

Group Sessions

2021/2022 We offer group session for 5 or more children or adults who reside in the same country and are on the same level when it comes to speaking Icelandic.

Contact: kristin@nordic-trailblazers.com or hannamjoll@nordic-trailblazers.com


11 week individual session: DKK 5400

5 individual sessions: DKK 2455

Group sessions 11 weeks: DKK 2000 (This is subject to a minimum of 5 students participating and the level of Icelandic)

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