Learn a new creative skill and feed your spirit on your next vacation

We host unique educational retreats and special events on the isle of Møn Denmark, aimed at having fun, strengthening connections, building community and giving back.

Have you ever felt like a vacation was a little bit too relaxing?

Well here’s your opportunity to learn and experience new skills during your time off.

Our educational retreats are hosted in partnership with Møn Retreat and Course Center.

One of Denmark’s most magical islands, Møn’s, a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, most likely best-known drawcard is its sweeping stretch of white cliffs, Møns Klint. Crowned by deep-green forest, they’re a popular inspiration for landscape paintings, possibly explaining the island’s healthy artist headcount. But the inspiration doesn’t end there. Beautiful beaches span sandy expanses and small secret coves, there are haunting Neolithic graves, and several rural churches are adorned with whimsical medieval frescoes. Every year more stargazers come for what are said to be Denmark’s darkest night skies, and now they’re joined by hikers flooding in to walk the well-organised network of trails known as Camønoen, named with a punning nod to the classic Camino pilgrim trail.

In 2017, Møn was recognized as one of the darkest and best places in Northern Europe to stargaze. Come see for yourself and visit Dark Sky Park Møn & Nyord to get even closer to the Milky Way!

Our educational retreats are aimed at organisations, senior citizens and those looking for a getaway to feel removed from rush and haste, as well as a guilty conscience, we believe a sustainable retreat can fulfil the luxury of travelling, improve wellbeing all the while minimising our impact on planet Earth. Our destination on Møn is unique and validates an organic beauty nature is capable of demonstrating.

Retreats for 65+

There is a growing involvement of older adults in applied environmental concerns. Education is viewed as contributing to individual empowerment. This empowerment is the rationale for senior engagement and changing society’s perception of seniors and their rightful roles as stewards and contributors to future sustainability.

A sustainable education retreat for individuals 65+ is travelling to unfold clarity and restore balance in wellbeing while taking into consideration the welfare of the natural environment and local communities. From eco-friendly accommodation to facilities and ingredient sourcing for meals, sustainable retreats are conceptualised with the natural settings in mind. Efforts in place aim to minimise disturbance and interruption to the local environment without hindering and removing key aspects of an immersive and life-enhancing experience.

Eco-Conscious Efforts:

– Energy conversation

– Water-saving strategies

– Waste, recycling and compost systems

– Single use plastic policy

– Ethical and local sourcing of ingredients for meals

– Use of chemical-free cleaning products

– Preservation of biodiversity

– Green transportation options

– Support of local communities, charities and initiatives

– Support of local culture, heritage and tradition

– Certified Organic fruit and vegetable gardens

– Loneliness and social exclusion

– Volunteering

Inspiring and dynamic education retreat for businesses and organisations: The Trailblazing Sustainability Journey

Engage and mobilize the entire organization with our education retreat.

Nowadays organisations are taking sustainability issues very seriously. Our environmental awareness retreat course will help to raise understanding of eco-issues across your workforce and improve performance in key areas.

In today’s business environment of scarce resources and time, training employees through in-class courses becomes of questionable efficiency and effectiveness.

1. How do you increase awareness of your employees on Sustainability?

2. How do you facilitate employees to become more competent to think about Sustainability?

3. How do you change employees’ behaviour, rather than just provide knowledge on Sustainability?

Whether you are part of a large or small organization, our education retreat can help you raise the knowledge level within sustainable development in your organization.

Allow for engagement, competence development and find new opportunities by starting The Trailblazing Sustainability Journey.


This sustainability e-learning course will ensure your learners can:

  • Describe current legislation
  • Explain climate change issues
  • Describe waste management and recycling procedures
  • Explain how to practise sustainable procurement (e.g. Fair-trade) and resource management
  • Describe basic energy efficiency approaches
  • Explain approaches to construction, refurbishment and planning
  • Describe the use of Environmental Management Systems and Carbon Management Plans
  • Relate key best practice case studies
  • Team building
  • Walk & Talk
  • Yoga & Meditation

Why choose Nordic Trailblazers for an educational sustainable retreat?

Travelling and exploring a new and undiscovered destination is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Drawing in spots of rest and relaxation, away from the inevitable challenges of life can shift our perspectives and outlooks. However, the emphasis of achieving balanced wellbeing through an education retreat does not always weigh hand in hand with consideration towards the welfare of our surroundings and the impact on nature and Earth.

At Nordic Trailblazers, we make a conscious effort to not only provide unique educational and restoration experiences to our guests but to also minimise the potential negative effects on the local environment and communities. Our ecological approach to hospitality and travel is grounded by our value that eco-travel can be both luxurious and enriching without a heavy carbon footprint.

Our personalised and attentive customer service care is in place to ensure each question is answered and advice offered to provide reassurance and guide guests through each stage of booking and the retreat experience.

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