Engage and mobilize the entire organization with our eLearning.

Nowadays organisations are taking sustainability issues very seriously. Our environmental awareness e-learning course will help to raise understanding of eco-issues across your workforce and improve performance in key areas.

In today’s business environment of scarce resources and time, training employees through in-class courses becomes of questionable efficiency and effectiveness.

  • How do you increase awareness of your employees on Sustainability?
  • How do you facilitate employees to become more competent to think about Sustainability?
  • How do you change employees’ behavior, rather than just provide knowledge on Sustainability?

Whether you are part of a large or small organization, you can raise the knowledge level within sustainable development in your organization within 30 minutes.

The Natural Step E-learning offers a cost-effective and flexible education in sustainable development for employees and partners. Everyone can complete the training when and where it suits them best and one can easily follow up the results.

Allow for engagement, competence development and find new opportunities by starting The Trailblazing Sustainability Journey, our Web Course.

Course overview

This sustainability e-learning course will ensure your learners can:

  • Describe current legislation
  • Explain climate change issues
  • Describe waste management and recycling procedures
  • Explain how to practise sustainable procurement (e.g. Fair-trade) and resource management
  • Describe basic energy efficiency approaches
  • Explain approaches to construction, refurbishment and planning
  • Describe use of Environmental Management Systems and Carbon Management Plans
  • Relate key best practice case studies

Course duration: this course takes about 30 minutes to complete. Learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.

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