Getting back to work or remaining in work


When accident or illness interferes with our ability to do our job, the impact on our circumstances and wellbeing can be profound.

Our OT’s can assist you with solutions and advice to remain at or return to meaningful work. We regularly work with clients and employers to identify and address barriers to workplace participation.

How OT’s help

We regularly assist clients looking for support in helping themselves or someone they care for to thrive at work.

Some of the most common reasons for requests for assistance include:

  • Advice on remaining at work following a medical diagnosis
  • Assistance in returning to work after a period of absence
  • Modifications to workstations or office furniture to ensure comfort and productivity
  • Help to find a new role following a life-changing event such as brain trauma, amputation or other serious injuries


Our Approach

Our assessment process allows a vocational occupational therapist to identify exactly the mobility problems facing a client. We can then recommend the right equipment and (if desired) arrange for its provision, as well as equipping the client with the skills needed to use it effectively.

Our aim is to provide practical and cost-effective solutions to support you in doing your job. Our assessment may involve looking at:

  • The implications of your medical history and prognosis
  • Previous job descriptions, roles and work environment
  • Current and future levels of mobility, cognitive function and energy
  • Negotiating employer and employee expectations
  • Other interests and skills


Common recommendation

Some practical solutions that we may recommend to help you remain at or resume your job role include:

  • A bespoke, graded work plan to build increasing concentration and stamina
  • Relaxation and anxiety management
  • Sleep and rest routines
  • Help with job searches, CV preparation, job applications and interviews
  • Assistance in rebuilding workplace skills, routines and self-confidence