Planning activities

Everyday activities that add up to fulfilling daily life


When our daily activities are hampered by physical or mental difficulties it can lead to fatigue, loss of motivation and affect our relationships.

We work with those who are struggling for a variety of reasons, including following brain injury, mental health difficulties or illness. Our goal-oriented, collaborative approach based in our clients’ own home helps re-establish a meaningful and fulfilling daily routine.


How OT’s help

We regularly assist clients struggling to plan and perform otherwise straightforward tasks. Some of the most common reasons for seeking our help include:

  • A sudden change in circumstances owing to a brain or spinal injury, mental illness or other health problem
  • A gradual decline in mental or physical capacity to plan and initiate daily routines
  • Increased anxiety, pain or fatigue
  • Strain on personal relationships
  • Poor performance at work

The aim of an occupational therapy assessment is to identify the areas of day-to-day life that are causing difficulty. This allows us make recommendations to reduce them and (if desired) arrange for any recommended changes to be made to restore the maximum degree of independence in the home.

Our Approach

Our aim is to provide practical and unobtrusive support, and so our assessment may involve looking at:

  • Your medical history and current prognosis
  • Your current and future roles and responsibilities
  • Social circumstances and support networks
  • Difficulties with fatigue, concentration or memory
  • Changes to your daily routine
  • Your own, your family’s or carer’s goals and wishes for the future


Common Recommendations

Some practical solutions that we may recommend to help you perform day-to-day tasks include:

  • Effective planning strategies
  • Breaking down tasks into small, manageable steps
  • Management of anxiety, pain or fatigue
  • Techniques for improving concentration and memory
  • A block of one-to-one treatment sessions with an occupational therapist to equip you with the resources to manage your routine