About us

Nordic Trailblazers promotes user-driven, transdisciplinary consultation, leveraging Creative Technology Innovations for social change.

Nordic Trailblazers is a health, welfare and education consulting firm based in Denmark.

One day it dawned on the founder how the industry of health and welfare consultancy had failed to recognise the potential in combining health, welfare and education excellence with best-practice technology. 

Our founder Kristin, had a strong belief that she could form a new way of driving health and welfare excellence and digital transformation – a belief the NT team have since refined and improved through numerous cases.

Kristin founded Nordic Trailblazers with a clear intention of merging best practices from a large variety of backgrounds in the healthcare, education, creatives and consultancy industry with an efficient approach to content creation and digital workstation services and strategy. She put together a team of experts and they combined their skill sets, individual areas of expertise, and Nordic values. 

When Nordic Trailblazers kicked off in the spring of 2018, we were only three people. But as our business began to grow, so did the number of people. 

Today, we are 8 team members plus number of freelancers – and we have strong ambitions of welcoming many more in the coming years. 

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