About us

Nordic Trailblazers is a innovative Icelandic language Centre based in Denmark.

It takes more than excellent teaching …


We created Nordic Trailblazers to make amazing Icelandic language teachers available to students from anywhere, no matter where you live.

A fair number of Icelandic citizens live abroad. According to the National Registry, there were 46,572 Icelanders living abroad as of February 2018. The vast majority, or 61.8%, lived in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Another 13.9% of Icelandic emigrants lived in the US. As of February 2018, Icelandic citizens were registered residents in 118 of the 193 member states of the United Nations.

Our founder Kristin is one of those expats. She has experienced living with her children abroad and not having access to any Icelandic classes.

Kristin is a social change strategist and health advocate, who the past years has been using tech to drive mental health and create digital ecosystem with access to external multidisciplinary and collaborative health services and support.

One day she woke up and decided to apply the same approach to Icelandic education for children and adults living abroad. The result is Nordic Trailblazers with a team of 8 highly educated Icelandic teachers who all specialise in teaching Icelandic as a second language.

Nordic Trailblazers keeps growing and we can now offer group and individual sessions as well as homeschooling solutions for people travelling with their children around the world.

Our teachers are (in our humble opinion!) the most interesting people in the world. They have tons of experience, lived in many countries and are perfect guides for your Icelandic language journey. They are a carefully selected group of trusted professionals who can help you break the language barrier, pass your exams and make real progress.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone learns differently, and people learn languages for all kinds of different reasons. This is why we have a broad range of Icelandic professionals to help you. Your teacher will assess your level and discuss your needs with you during the first lesson, and based on that, you’ll get an individual learning plan which you can follow at your own pace.

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