About us

The Nordic Trailblazers OT Practice is an independent Occupational Therapy company specialising in providing expert clinical occupational therapy and public health services via telehealth and online sessions to private individuals, statutory services and business clients.

The terms “telerehabilitation” and “telehealth” speak best to what Nordic Trailblazers does. Both are defined as the delivery of health care services over telecommunication networks and the internet. Nordic Trailblazers was created with the mission of providing safe, state-of-the-art care that’s cost-effective and convenient to patients of any age looking to prevent, manage, or diminish health issues and advice on how to tackle loneliness.

We deliver our services in English, Danish and Icelandic

Kristín Einarsdóttir

The owner and founder of Nordic Trailblazers are Kristín Einarsdóttir. Kristin is a certified Occupational therapist who also holds a Masters in Public Health Science and Sociology.

For 13 years, Kristin was the director of the Occupational Therapy Department at The University Hospital of Iceland and before that, she set up an OT department at two nursing homes.

Kristin specialises in Gerontology, ALS, in housing & equipment, treating adults and the elderly. She also specialises in loneliness and social exclusion and serves as an advisor and consultant on municipality based projects in Denmark.

Kristin has gained experience across the world in humanitarian, social care and charity settings, including acting as a project manager for a humanitarian project in Mongolia and in Latvia, where she opened an assistive technology centre and donated assistive devices to an orphanage in Riga, Latvia.

In 2018, Kristin Einarsdóttir founded Nordic Trailblazers, an independent social enterprise committed to improving the social and emotional care of those living with disability and elderly, their families and carers.

Kristin carries out independent assessment, recommending appropriate housing adaptations, specialist equipment to aid independence and moving and handling advice. She encourages carers and the client’s family to work collaboratively, supporting her client to live as independently as possible in their home environment. Kristin also helps adolescents with the transition to independent living, working with people with mental health diagnoses.

Kristin is currently involved in a project addressing older men’s experiences of loneliness and social isolation in later life.


Ethics are at the heart of our vocation as health care professionals and is an ethos we actively instil throughout all areas of the business, not just our clinical team. As a conscientious and creative thinking healthcare provider, we strive to present our clients with all their options, so they can make the choice about their care.

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